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Here is Nashville, caught in the act of being itself. This collection of original black & white images began as individual submissions to the Nashville Scene, a local arts and entertainment newsweekly publication.

2 Nashville: click to start Up and Down Town
Chapter 1. Up & Down Town >click<

From lower Broadway, Music Row, the Village, West End, East Nashville, and more. These shots capture the disappearance of the past, as it is replaced by progress.
2 Nashville: click to start Familiar Sights
Chapter 2. Familiar Sights >click<

Centennial Park, Bicentennial Park, Riverfront Park, Legislative Plaza and more. These shots capture Nashvillians, going about life, amongst the familiar sights.
2 Nashville: click to start Transportation
Chapter 3. Transportation >click<

All over Nashville, art is often expressed through our wheels. See the Chicken El Camino, Cadillacs, old Chevys, the Rocket Ford, the horses at the Corral, and more.
2 Nashville: click to start The Outskirts
Chapter 4. The Outskirts >click<

The suburbs, also known as the edge of town. From Bell Buckle (south), to Millersville (north). Is this nirvana that awaits you?
2 Nashville: click to start Nashville Elsewhere
Chapter 5. Nashville Elsewhere >click<

Nashville can be found everywhere. From Georgia to Illinois to North Carolina, to Tulsa, you can find it if you're looking.
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